Thermal Mud (Peloid)

Thermal Mud (Peloid)

The healing waters of Afyon Gazligol Thermal Spa can be used as a complementary treatment element in the treatment of chronic low back pain and soft tissue diseases in the chronic periods of rheumatic diseases. It provides mineral support to skin and subcutaneous tissues, plays the biggest complementary role in removing cellulite, pimples and black spots, prevents and repairs acne. It balances the pH of the skin by making it feel light and provides a significant effect on the stress we can call today's most important disease. It relieves the appearance of anti-aging. It refreshes healthy skin. It cleanses the dead cells and tightens the skin. Naturally there is no harm.

Mud Banding (Total) Price: 40 tl

Sludge Winding (Local) Price: 25 tl


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