Ozone / Sauna

Ozone / Sauna

The steam and heat in the sauna together with the perspiration of the body toxins are removed from the pores. It cleanses the skin and gives it an incredible shine. Sauna is included in a lot of weight loss program. Research has shown that a person can lose a significant amount of weight by combining daily exercises, a balanced diet and sauna. The sauna relaxes a person and refreshes the mind and body. The heat in the sauna is known to loosen aching muscles. After the sauna you can sleep more comfortably and feel fresh and energized during the next day. Sauna removes toxins from the body. Accelerates blood circulation and thus increases oxygen flow to various organs of the body. This greatly improves the quality of a person's breath. It is known to reduce anxiety and stress which are the main cause of many diseases. Improves body resistance against cold and flu diseases. It is recommended that plenty of water is consumed because your body will lose water in sauna practice. If you have a known heart condition, sauna may damage your heart health. We recommend that guests who have a heart condition should enter the sauna in consultation with their doctor. Afyon Gazligol Basaranlar Thermal Hotel is one of the most hygiene saunas in its region.

Ozone (sauna) Price: 75 tl

Ozon Sauna

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