Skin care

Afyon Thermal Hotel Basaranlar Spa is a deep cleansing process in accordance with the needs of the skin by the specialist with professional products used in skin care. This process takes approximately 1.5 hours and the skin, respectively, cleaning, peeling, tonic, steam, comedones cleaning, mask, and moisturizing the massage is completed by the process. Thus, the skin is cleaned, the oil and dirt accumulated in the clogged pores are cleaned and the elasticity and gloss of the skin are restored. Classic skin care can be done all the time, but the skin is recommended once a month as it renews itself every 28 days.

Grape Seed Peeling Price: 75 tl

Chocolate Peeling Price: 75 tl

Face Mask (Clay) Price: 15 tl

Face Mask (Moss) Price: 20 tl

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