Pouch / Foam

Pouch / Foam

Making a pouch makes the dead skin covered over your skin. The skin, the dead skin and the accumulated fat, remove the toxins from the skin and help open the pores in the skin. With the pores opened on the skin, it is provided to increase the air intake, perspiration and absorption of the skin. For a good hot spring, thermal treatment cure, make sure to have a cure before starting cures. The opening of the skin pores has a great impact on the absorption of hot spring water, thus allowing the person to benefit from the thermal water at maximum. Regularly done, the pouch prevents the formation of acne and cellulite, making the skin bright and vivid. Soften your skin in a warm and humid environment (sauna, steam room, belly stone) for a good pouch. Afyon Gazlıgöl Başaranlar Thermal Hotel takes care of the hygienic conditions and the peeling foam process is carried out by its experts.

Pouch Price: 35 TL

Foam Massage Price: 45 TL

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