About Us

About Us

In the thermal tourism capital Afyon Gazligol, Başaranlar Thermal Hotel serves to its guests with high quality service. In addition to spa treatment, Manuel Therapy, Kinesio Taping and Rigid Bandlama, personalized water exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises, Thereband exercises, connective tissue and friction. massage, applications for areas of scalp scar tissue fibrositis, superficial and deep heaters, electro therapy applications, mud bath (Peloid Application) and massage treatments are applied.


Afyon Gazligöl Thermal Hot Spring waters which have the most healing hot spring waters in Europe and the world, ensure that people reach the hot spring waters in the most comfortable and most suitable conditions to ensure their health with alternative treatment. All mankind is acquainted with this water and acquires health and benefits.


Our Phrygians are used for health purposes since the Phrygian period, our country, our citizens, especially our elderly people with the age-related discomforts caused by alternative treatment methods in their world to provide the most efficient way to use our hot springs by providing the most efficient way to resolve their disturbances.

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