Ear Detox

This cure applied for the first time in Afyon has a history based on Egyptians. Ear cleaning waxes today work with a so-called aspirator system. One end of the waxed funnel in the form of a hollow funnel leaning against the ear and the outside of the wax is burned. The heat generated during the combustion process softens the bush and dirt accumulated in the ear, and the vacuum effect that is generated pulls out the bush and dirt. At the end of the process, some of the buckets, dirt and other impurities in your ear will evaporate and some of them remain in the candle.

The heat emitted by the burning candle for 8 - 10 minutes will work around the ear and deep into the ear and accelerate the flow of blood around the ear. Spread and dry dirt in the depths of the ears are softened by this heat. The vacuum effect of the chimney on the oily cloth collects all the dirt into the candle.

After use, the ears can be seen in the candle cut into two pieces.

+ Reduce pressure in ear and sinuses
+ To improve the sense of hearing
+ Natural way to remove the plug
+ Reduce the impact of problems related to body balance
+ Tinnitus (tinnitus) to stop
+ Reduce the feeling of itching in the ear
+ Reduce ear infections, inflammation and headache problems

+ To clean the bushings and dirt accumulated in the ear in a healthy way
+ Reduce inflammation of the middle ear, headache, migraine, tonsil
+ To regulate bioenergetic rhythm
+ Reduce tinnitus
+ Throat pain caused by cold and reduce the problems in the upper respiratory tract
+ Treatment of inflammation in the sinuses
+ Relieve blood circulation in the ear
+ Helps to treat hay fever and asthma diseases.
+ There are no side effects.

Ear Detox Price: 35 tl

Kulak Detoksu

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