Treatment of Eczema Psoriasis

Treatment of Eczema Psoriasis

Akar, indicating that the skin is a very important organ of the excretory system, the harmful substances in the body that play a major role in the removal of toxins in the skin over time, aging and aging of the skin due to reasons such as stress and drew attention to the pores. Akar, 'age progress, stress and liver disorders due to the skin, the function still can not come. Mud and thermal water, the skin to restore these functions. Mud sludge, due to the chemical substances contained in the body is shrunk. . In the meantime, organic substances consisting of unicellular amoeba in the mud also open the pores in the skin. The dirty blood, which is cleaned by reaching the heart, turns the skin back to the renewal of the cells. ' said. In all skin diseases; salty, sulfuric and muddy waters are used. Sulfurous mineral is also good for skin diseases and acne. Many skin diseases, eczemas, itching in the treatment of spasmodic spa waters give positive results.


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