Things to consider in an effective spa treatment

Things to consider in an effective spa treatment

Spa treatment should be carried out under the guidance of the attending physician and under the supervision of the attending physician. The spa treatment should be regulated and followed by a qualified doctor. In addition, the following points are recommended.
-Treatment period and shape; The condition of the patient and the disease is determined by the characteristics of the water,
The duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks. The total number of bathrooms is kept around 15-20.
-Keys are made daily or everyday. Daily cures are suspended one day a week.
-The bath time is determined as 5-25 minutes. While initially kept less, it is gradually increased.
-Bath treatments should usually be applied after a light breakfast in the morning.
- Sufficient fluid support should be provided.
-Patients must empty the bladder and intestines before cure.
- The most comfortable position should be maintained in the bathroom.
- Easy to exercise in water due to the lifting force of the water.
- Increases the absorption of mineral and gas through the skin in movement.
-More causes movement overload in the circulatory system.
- After the patient, the patient should be thoroughly dried and rested in a well-ventilated room with thermal conditions for 30-60 minutes.
- After massage, the person can be given massage and exercise or participate in sporting activities.
- Vegetable and fruit-based foods should be preferred during the cure.


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