Thermal Pool

Basaranlar Thermal Facilities provides thermal pool service in rooms. There is a 3-ton thermal pool in 1 + 1 apartments, a 4.5-ton thermal pool in 2 + 1 apartments and a pool service in all apartments. Afyonkarahisar Thermal area with the most rooms in the thermal pool service businesses are located in Gazligol region. The biggest advantage of the pool service in the room; When the guests wish their time in their rooms without being affected by the cold weather, they also benefit from the benefits of thermal water. 

At the same time, the pools in the apartment become more hygienic and comfortable service. Since there is no attendant during the use of the pool, the period of use of the thermal pool in the apartment should be observed more carefully and care should be taken not to use it in case of inconvenience.


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Thermal Pool