Spa Treatment in Women's Diseases

Spa Treatment in Women's Diseases

Spa treatment in gynecological diseases, urinary tract infections, especially in bicarbonate, magnesium and calcium content of high mineral waters exhibit a repressive effect. Drinking plenty of water for the purpose of supporting and improving kidney function in many diseases, stating that the thermal springs have high sulfur content. Increases sexual desire due to its mineral and radioactivity. Painful menstruation is also effective against spawning problems in women. There is a therapeutic feature of hot spring water in accelerating wound healing after surgery. He also kills germs. It increases the white blood cells that provide resistance to diseases in the body. Ap - In inflammation of the female reproductive organs, the treatment is carried out by sitting in the steam of the hot spring water. In addition to spawning problems, bathing and bathing in the form of sitting in the form of treatment. - Women who complain about gynecological diseases, bath for a period of not more than 15-20 minutes. WOMEN'S DISEASES-SKIN (INFERTILITE) - SKIN DISEASES Radioactive water, ovarian inflammation, menstrual irregularities, some infertility cases have received positive results from the spa treatment. Kayn Sulfur ”and especially“ radioactive ”waters are the source of healing in women's diseases. Our hot springs have healing effects on women's diseases. It has been determined that saline and sulfur water cures are good for female diseases, especially inflammation and currents. It is known that mud baths give very good results for pain, nerve disorders and menstrual irregularities. Similarly, radioactive water in KESTANBOL region is known to be very effective against such diseases. It is possible to say that it is effective in the elimination of inherent weaknesses in some gynecological diseases and in the rehabilitation of hemiplegia sequelae. Other than these; It has been observed that there are problems in sexual dynamism in men, in the treatment of stress and stress related disorders, biological cell wear and aging slowing properties. Chronic inflammation in women with inflammation, inflammation and remover feature can be used. Water and mud application is preferred especially in the elderly and de-generative joint rheumatism species, especially in the elderly and in cut-off women.


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