Spa Treatment in Degenerative Waist and Neck Hernia

Spa Treatment in Degenerative Waist and Neck Hernia

Spa Treatment in Degenerative Waist and Neck Hernia, 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening spa treatment is applied. In hot water, the neck remains in the water for a period of time. A total of 21 baths are preferred within 10 days. Rest after half an hour after the bath is done. 3-Massage: After the spa treatment by professional masseurs neck massage is done. The purpose of this is; is the relaxation of constricted neck muscles and widening of superficial blood vessels. Thus, muscle contractions that cause pain to the patient are eliminated, and the patient is also prepared for neck pulling. 4-Manual treatment: In patients who are completely loosened to the neck muscles, the manual therapist makes the necessary traction, neck pulling and other manual manipulations. The aim of this treatment is to perform cartilage of the neck vertebrae. Thus, the pressure on the nerve is eliminated. Patients are resting after manual treatment. However, in the evening until half an hour, the neck is still applied. In the treatment program, medical treatment, spa treatment, manual treatment, massage, traction are applied together. Therefore, this is a definite attack treatment. Therefore, its effectiveness is also very high. It can treat up to 90% of neck hernia with non-surgical treatment methods. Surgical treatment is performed for patients who do not respond to such treatments, who do not show improvement, and patients with progressive neurological damage (loss of strength, loss of strength, reflex in the muscles). In treatment, it is necessary to take preventive measures to slow the disc damage. Most importantly, exercises are strengthening the waist and abdominal muscles. Methods such as physical therapy, spa, massage can provide pain control for a while. It is beneficial to lose weight and do regular sports. Pain relief and rheumatism medications are also helpful in reducing pain.


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