Spa Treatment in Calc

Spa Treatment in Calc

Calcification is one of the most common diseases encountered in the community. The bones of our joints are surrounded by a thin cartilage. These cartilages protect our bones from impacts, create lubricity, prevent friction and prevent damage. As the cartilage disappears, the bones overlap. This results in inflammation, pain, movement limitation and loss of cartilage in the joints. This phenomenon is called osteoarthritis, ie calcification, in the medical language. Frequent joints of calcification; knee, hip, hand, foot, neck and waist joints. Symptoms In calcifications, cartilage tears, bony tissue protrusions and pain onset are the causes. Joint movements are restricted in the period following development. Thickening of the joints that strengthen the joint as a result of the bulging joint spasms are experienced to maintain. Calcification usually does not affect daily life because of its slow development. Treatment Method Calcification is the deformation of bone bonds that carry the weight of the body due to aging. The disease starting from the cartilage reaches the joint capsule and the surrounding area.

Especially in the knee arthritis disease, even in the unused muscle thinning and hardening happens. It is frequently seen in women over 50 years of age due to weight gain. Patients are usually overweight and these complaints may occur at an early age. Risk factors for calcination: Joint Treatment with Thermal Waters Calcification is the age-related erosion of weight-bearing joints. It can start from cartilage and affect the bones and muscles. Thermal water is one of the most recommended treatment modalities for such joint disorders. It is effective in reducing pain and not limiting mobility. Thermal waters in the calcification is a very friendly treatment. In the 15-day applications, hot and cold waters are useful in reducing pain and increasing functions. If there is no need for a surgical method, thermal treatments are applied under the supervision of a doctor. In order for the patient not to experience this problem again, a progressive progress is made with the drug and physical therapy. (kestanbol) After 40 years of age, your joints gradually deteriorate, cartilages that lay the joints of the joints begin to break down, be destroyed and thinner. With the slowing of the construction of the new cartilage tissue, substances in the calcium structure begin to accumulate and accumulate on the joint corners and inner surfaces. The joint surfaces become irregular, difficult to move and become painful due to the reduction of joint fluid and narrowing of the joint cavities. If it is not treated at this stage, a painful process begins in the following stages: stiffness, difficulty in movement and resting. This discomfort, which makes resting sleep even a headache, is called calcification or arthritis in the common language and ostreoarthritis or osteoarthrosis in the medical language. Calcification or Joint Calcification (Osteoarthritis - ostreoarthritis) is a joint disease and the first changes begin in the articular cartilage. As the disease progresses, bone protrusions occur at the joints. Since these protrusions are the most prominent images in X-ray films, ostreoarthritis (Osteoarthrosis) is mistakenly called gen calcification Bu. In fact, there is no event of lime excess in the body. Ostreoarthritis (arthritic) is the inflammatory rheumatism of the joints. Pain in one or more joints. Ostreoarthritis, pain in the calcification, joint stiffness, joint sound, movement limitation and deformities may occur. Patients who suffer from arthritis calcification or ostreoarthritis may benefit from sulfuric but especially saline and radioactive thermal waters. Our thermal spring water has muscular strengthening, regulating the functioning of the inner glands, regulating joint fluid, relieving inflammation, reinforcing and repairing the bone tissue. With water and non-water exercises, you can easily get rid of arthroplasty (ostreoarthritis).


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