Spa Treatment for Stress and Fatigue

Spa Treatment for Stress and Fatigue

Spa Treatment for Stress and Fatigue; Joint diseases, calcifications, soft tissue rheumatism, some rheumatic diseases, treatment of injuries after injuries. Most of the blood goes to the skin and muscle tissue instead of the internal organs. Blood flow of muscle tissue increases by 2.5 times. 50% of the pumped blood goes to muscle tissue. The transport of the muscle to the muscles is significantly increased, and the metabolic residues, especially lactate, which are pain and fatigue, are cleared more easily. Psychological stress from the reflex pathway with stress on the skin receptors, stress is reduced. As a result of the pain receptors in the skin, the pain threshold increases and there is a peripheral antalgic effect. Psychological relief also contributes to pain reduction. The concepts of amacıyla health break “or in health on vacation sağlıklı, which form the basis of health tourism, have been widely used in many societies today for health protection and healthier living. Natural and traditional methods such as exercise, massage, diet and organic nutrition, which are applied to hot springs, steam and mud baths and hot springs as well as hot springs, provide an ideal environment for the mel health break ara which removes the stress and fatigue of daily life. Buda has developed new concepts of cure, such as wellness, fitness, anti-stress and anti-aging. For a healthier lifestyle, various curing applications can be taken in the spas. With specific treatments for hot springs, such as hot water baths, drinks, inhalations and steam baths, exercise, massage, diet and nutrition, as well as other natural and traditional methods, most of which are used in the spa center, make the spas an ideal place for "health breaks". In the meantime, such as wellness, fitness, anti-stress, anti-aging, ie stress, anti-aging, more powerful constructive concepts of developing a cure. The kullanılıy magic kullanılıy word, called Wellness, is used as an artificial word derived from English, wellbeing and fitness words, choosing to cure at the hot springs for a healthier holiday-rest, and to return to healthier spa.


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